Why You Should Convert Your WEP Wireless to WPA

The value of simple security, protect your network by converting wireless to WPA versus WEP.
[youtube clip=”A88XB7_Jz7s”]

Clients are consistently in communications with us. Often times we experience a vast array of reactionary issues. However, as a managed service provider we do our best to deliver quality of service to my clients and one that we key in on is security. WEP is amazingly easy to crack as noted in the video. Recently I experimented with various security applications that would test weak networks. Software we used to test is BackTack, a linux derivative that is ready to go from the boot of the cd-rom. Within 5 minutes I can test and crack poor security as we seen in the web video.

Clients often do not understand how weak their network security is until I perform a network assessment expressing weak points. With new clients I use BackTrack as a tool to display elements of their network that we will focus on. The video was interesting to watch, I enjoyed watching the van drive around as the engineer fiddles with his workstation. In the United States you must have permission from the end user who owns the network to perform such security tests such as WEP decryption. I know several power users that try to replicate cracking of WEP keys to gain access to
other user’s networks to selfishly utilize unauthorized bandwidth.